Calling all entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent contractors, small businesses & sole traders!

Time to run your business from your phone

Here at 9to5 work rebels, we’re all about creating a life you love to live and using your skills to do so. A key part of this is of course ensuring that you get paid for the work you do. If you work for yourself you’ll know that getting paid in a timely manner is crucial to your survival and success.

Staying on top of your finances and filing your taxes is something that we all have to do but can be a bore and a nightmare at times particularly when you’re busy focused on generating new business. Before you know it, you have a backlog of receipts and expenses to log and file. As an independent consultant myself at Ebony Gayle communications this is something I can relate to!

Well, Uome is a new app to hit the market that is tailored specifically for small business owners, sole traders, freelancers, and creatives and allows us to run our businesses from our phones! 

With Uome you can:

  • Get paid quicker with Uome’s open banking solution for instant payments. You can also get paid via Google pay, Apple pay, and Stripe which allows for credit and debit cards.
  • Reduce admin – send professional quotes & invoices including duplication for repeat work directly from the app.
  • Offer your customers credit at your discretion – Enable your clients to spread costs with Uome’s buy now pay later option at no cost to your business.
  • CRM – Enhance client relationships – real-time messaging to share project visuals, documents & work updates.
  • Peace of mind – Tax preparation, account reporting (log expenses, track sales, etc), and keeping a track record of your client interaction. Including the ability to export your income and expenses to PDF, CSV, Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, and Freeagent
  • Collaboration – Uome supports collaborative working and allows users to easily invoice each other as well as raise purchase orders for repeat work.
  • aPOS – enabling Uome users to take in-person payments directly from customers via scanning a QR code that links to open banking. Uome is waiving transaction fees for 1 entire year!

So how much is it I hear you say? They have a free plan, pay-as-you plan, and subscription for £9.99 which unlocks all the features – what a bargain! So you can choose the plan that suits your business, sound good?  Sign up here using my partner link.


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