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How to set & raise your fees as a freelancer

So I spoke to a jam packed room at the national freelancers day conference yesterday on a subject that we all have to battle with – setting your fees. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, check out this brief overview.

How to manage negative thoughts: have a word with yourself #motivation

We all have that negative inner voice trying to throw us off our mission, but how do you manage it to push past and achieve your goals?…

How to deal with hard times #motivation

In life we all face challenges but its how we deal with them that counts, check out this short motivational video on how to manage these times and bounce back.

How to be your authentic self all the time – forget fitting in!

Sometimes we feel like we have to fit in and change who we are to progress, I felt like that once, but forget fitting in be you – check out my latest video, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe rebels.

How to be resilient & dealing with depression.

Running your own business, working out your next career move and managing life in general can be overwhelming. Check out some tips on being resilient.

How to protect your energy?

With so much going on in life with work, and personal circumstances, it’s really important that you protect your energy, but how do you do this? check this out…

How to reinvent yourself and change your career

If you’re feeling stuck, or maybe afraid to take the leap into what you really want to do, check this motivational video out!